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Pink bikini time in Miami

Featuring: Bex Shiner
Duration: 08:38
English imports have always given us a bouncing good time. Linsey, Kerry Marie, Kelly Kay, Lorna Morgan. Bex Shiner was a late arrival in the British invasion that had seriously decreased in recent years but then reactivated with the emergence of Bex, Lily Madison, Katie Thornton and Danni Levy. We were able to photograph Bex in the USA because, like Katie and Danni, she doesn't go bottomless. Bex was a UK celebrity for being on Big Brother in 2008. After the glow of that exposure faded with time, as it does with all reality TV stars, Bex got into topless posing on late-night British adult TV shows that guys at home phone into. There's nothing like this in the States. Bex still does it. "Everyone used to say to me, 'You should go on,' because in England, being on Big Brother is all about having a big personality. It's all about someone who stands out.

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