The Billi Bardot Show

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The Billi Bardot Show

Billi Bardot doesn't wear tight, short dresses and sexy clothes to show off her rack all of the time. She does in my head, of course.

"It depends on where I'm going and who I am with," Billi said. "If I'm with my children, absolutely not. If I'm with friends and it wouldn't be inappropriate to do so, then of course. I love my boobs! If I want to emphasize my breasts, I'll wear really low-cut tops, tank tops, or anything that is form-fitting."

"I'm an extremely type-A, dominant person in my personal life, and I am yet to find a man who could truly dominate me, especially in the bedroom. So that is always my fantasy. I crave to be dominated."

Billi is off the modeling grid at the time of this writing, but we're hoping she won't forget that we're always ready to welcome her back. Read More »
Featuring: Billi Bardot
Date: March 18th, 2023
Duration: 14:02

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