Brook Ultra's butthole banging

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Brook Ultra's butthole banging

"I like to dance," tiny and stacked Brook Ultra said. "I like to go to the beach. I like to hang out and do normal stuff. I'm boring. I play Scrabble."

Okay, a few things about that:

1. Girls who like to dance usually like to fuck. Also, it would be fun to watch Brook dancing with her tits bouncing all over the place.

2. Brook at the beach in a tiny bikini, her nipples barely covered, and a G-string bottom.... Now that has to be a sight to see.

3. I doubt she's boring.

4. She plays Scrabble. Can you think of any three-letter words that end in X? I'm sure she uses words like FUCK and ANAL and CUMONMYTITS even if she doesn't get double-letter scores.

"I also like sucking dick," Brook said. "Like, usually, I'll tease a guy and go around the head and then go down really slow, then I'll go between his balls and lick it really fast as I stroke his dick, then I go back up to the head, and I usually can deep-throat him all the way down. Guys are surprised by that because I'm so little.… Read More »
Featuring: Brook Ultra and Rocky
Date: June 29th, 2021
Duration: 22:14

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2 years ago 

Very pleasant

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