In the Hot Zone with Brooklyn Springvalley

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In the Hot Zone with Brooklyn Springvalley

There are social scientists who research the effects of the sound of a woman walking in high-heeled shoes. You don't believe me? Look it up. Women love loud shoes for a variety of reasons. It's an attention-getting sound for one. The sound introduces Brooklyn Springvalley in this video as she walks into the bedroom with Nicky Rebel in hot pursuit.

Does Brooklyn need to get attention by walking in high heels? She's 5'3" and has 34K-cup mega-boobs so no. But why not? High heels put an arch in a woman's back and that arch is a sexual signal.

"I love to shake my tits and jiggle them," Brooklyn said. "I wear tank tops when I'm bicycling. Otherwise, I wear something that emphasizes my breasts, unless I'm going someplace where that wouldn't be appropriate. I wear fitted shirts or dresses, often low-cut.

"My husband said to me, 'You don't have to seduce me. We're already married.' And I was like, 'But I can do all kinds of things with them!' And I grab my tits and he grabs them and we… Read More »
Date: February 4th, 2023
Duration: 22:09

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