Still blossoming

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Still blossoming

"I want to live without paying attention to what people around me think about me," Cheryl Blossom said. "All of us want it probably."

The thing is, when a girl is built like Cheryl, young (she was only 20 when this scene was shot) with huge, natural tits, people can't stop thinking about her or looking at her. Fortunately, Cheryl came to SCORELAND and Voluptuous, where we can look at her and think about her all we want.

"I wear a K-cup bra but my chest is always becoming bigger or smaller," Cheryl said. "I used to not think that big breasts are beautiful, but now I know that they are."

Cheryl has kept getting bustier. In her new videos, which just arrived at our office a few days ago, her tits look even more ginormous than they do here, and that's saying something. I don't know when, but they'll be posted soon at SCORELAND.

SCORELAND: What was your reaction when you saw SCORELAND for the first time?

Cheryl: I think I was a little surprised. Before, I couldn't imagine that there… Read More »
Featuring: Cheryl Blossom
Date: November 3rd, 2021
Duration: 20:13

Member Comments

2 years ago 

Huge natural boobs

2 years ago 

Forget the rest big tits are the best

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