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Chrissy Monroe creampied

"I used to be an exotic dancer," said Chrissy Monroe, a big-titted blonde from Kentucky who shot for us in 2017 on the advice of former men's mag photographer Lance Kincaid. "I danced for about nine years." She also worked--if you want to call it work--at the Love Ranch brothel near Carson City, Nevada.

In this scene, Chrissy dances on Tony Rubino's skin flute. Tony is minding his own business, watering the lawn, hose in hand, when Chrissy passes him on her way to her apartment. He can't believe what he's seeing. Meanwhile, Chrissy's husband (yes, that is her real-life hubby), catches Tony staring at her.

As Elliot wrote, "Mr. Monroe is really steamed up. This is a guy who can rip telephone books in half. He marches outside and launches a tirade on apologetic Tony. Things are about to get uglier when his phone rings. An urgent message has Mr. Monroe leaving with a warning for Tony. This warning doesn't sink in because when dangerously-naughty Mrs. Monroe hits on Tony and invites… Read More »
Duration: 23:48

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