Big dick for a big-boobed blonde

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Big dick for a big-boobed blonde

More girls than I could ever remember have done their first hardcore videos at SCORE. Sometimes it's a one-time thing. Sometimes it's the start of dozens more.

Formerly an exotic dancer, Chrissy Monroe came here with the experience of being a Love Ranch Girl in Nevada. The Love Ranch is a legal bordello, one of several in that state. So you could say that her experiences there might have prepared her for porn. But sex on-camera is still different than sex with a client in a confidential setting. Chrissy said she was nervous before the scene began. I thought she did great.

At the Ranch, things are different. Chrissy explained the difference.

"When we are alone and close in my secluded bedroom, you can tell me all the naughty and dirty things you would like to do to me and want me to do to you, and then you know what? We can do them! That's the insane thing about a legal brothel. Anything goes and it's all okay and all done on the down-low."

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Featuring: Chrissy Monroe and Carlos Rios
Date: December 11th, 2020
Duration: 27:09

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