Don't wake up mad. Wake up horny.

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Don't wake up mad. Wake up horny.

The last time I saw Claudia Kealoha, she was eagerly looking forward to having sex on-camera. She basically told me that the main reason she came back was "to fuck some of your guys," and when I looked at her sideways and said, "You must have sex all the time," she said, "I don't. The only time I get off is when I give lap dances.

"I like to feel their hard cocks in their pants," Claudia said of the guys who pay for play. "I like to find their shaft and work my pussy up and down it. The only bad time is when they cum before I do."

Which, I'm sure, happens all the time. I mean, if you've been to a lot of strip clubs in your life, think about how many dancers you've seen who were built like Claudia. Back in the 1990s, big-titted strippers were a dime a dozen, but now? They're a real find. So when you find one and get a lap dance from one, it's kinda hard to hold back.

I think I mentioned once before that Claudia could have been a feature dancer but chose to be a house dancer. This is… Read More »
Featuring: Claudia KeAloha and Juan Largo
Date: January 13th, 2024
Duration: 20:03

Member Comments

Claudia, so erotic, what a body. and how she sucks the cum from that cock, fantastic.

Claudia, so erotic, love the way she eats cum.

Guess I'm going down to Fort Lauderdale for a lap dance.

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