Claudia's BBC blind date

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Claudia's BBC blind date

"Show me how you taste that cock," Lucas tells Claudia Kealoha in this scene. "Gobble that dick up!"

When it comes to gobbling cock, Claudia is very good at following orders.

"I have many fantasies," she said. "I have dirty cop fantasies, boss fantasies, stranger fantasies."

But they all involve one thing.

"Getting laid?" Claudia said, laughing. "Definitely."

Claudia was born in Hawaii and has danced in several clubs around the U.S. She gives a helluva lap dance.

"I make them cum and they make me cum," she said. "I love feeling their fucking hard-ons in their pants. I love when they suck on my tits. We don't even have to take our clothes off and we both cum."

Here, the clothes do come off, and there's plenty of cumming.

"I love talking dirty," Claudia said. "I love telling men to fill my wet cunt with their big, hard pricks."

Turns out that Claudia likes big, black cocks, too. I hadn't known that about her, but I should've guessed. Read More »
Featuring: Claudia KeAloha and Lucas Stone
Date: April 6th, 2024
Duration: 37:04

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I LOVE BLACK COCKS and BIG TITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is that AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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