Daria gets breastfully clean

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Daria gets breastfully clean

"I love to model because it makes me feel sexy and beautiful," naturally big-titted brunette Daria said. "It gives me self-confidence. I enjoy being with SCORE because I get to travel and they make me feel comfortable. I walked around Prague when I went there a few years ago, and I loved the beach in the Caribbean and meeting all the beautiful girls."

Daria is a great one. She has a girl-next-door quality, even if "next door" is in Russia. She has big, beautiful tits that get wet and soapy in this bathtub scene.

"When someone is looking at me with hungry eyes in public places or flirting, I feel sexy," she said. "If I am really interested in meeting him, I might send an air kiss. Then the rest depends on him."

This scene was shot during her first time shooting with us.

"I enjoy modeling," Daria said. "It is a new experience for me and everyone is so nice. I always wanted to model so when I had this opportunity, I made the decision to do it. I have just graduated college so… Read More »

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Featuring: Daria
Date: November 3rd, 2020
Duration: 17:59

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