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Bikini Demmy

"I love the traveling," Demmy Blaze said. "Becoming a model has given me this. I would not have been able to have so many new experiences if I did not make the decision to become a model."

Demmy joined a group of supernaturals in the Dominican Republic for the movie On Location North Coast. The action is non-stop in this epic feature film.

"I enjoy being in SCORE magazine. I love my body and I think I am lucky to be natural. I know that money cannot buy the kind of body I have. I am always thinking now of the future and the next photo session. People ask me many questions about my breasts. I enjoy reading what people write about me and have to say so I opened a Twitter account and started a web site."

I asked Demmy how she got into modeling.

"When I studied at university, one SCORELAND model added me on a social media site and asked me if I would like to make shootings for SCORELAND, but I couldn't imagine that I would do so well at modeling work. I didn't stop to think about it.… Read More »
Featuring: Demmy Blaze
Date: January 26th, 2021
Duration: 17:56

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