Lily Valentine's first fuck

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Lily Valentine's first fuck

We haven't shot a lot of big-boobed girls from Canada, but when we do, they're special. Tiffany Towers. Taylor Stevens. Taylor Steele, Amy Anderssen, Roxee Robinson, Smiley Emma and one of my favorites, Lily Valentine, whose plush tits, sultry face and pliable pussy lips could have made her a gigantic star if she had wanted to be one. But she didn't. She modeled for fun, for kicks, to knock something off her bucket list, then she went on to live her life as the Canadian girl-next-door. Where is she now? Who knows.

We went out of our way to photograph Lily, and she was worth it. We rented a chalet in the woods just outside of Montreal, where Lily lived at the time, and shot her in the dead of winter. To compound things, Lily, who is French-Canadian, spoke almost no English, so we had to bring along a translator to communicate with her and, eventually, to interview her. If you think Lily's body is sexy, wait until you hear her speak French. There's something about a young, busty babe… Read More »
Featuring: Lily Valentine and Eddy X
Date: June 13th, 2023
Duration: 25:30

Member Comments

wow....what a woman......Lily, you are amazing..

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