Wife of a SCORELAND member

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Wife of a SCORELAND member

Elaina Gregory has natural 34N-cup tits. That's no typo. 34-N and natural big boobs.

Girls like Elaina are almost impossible to find because they're not looking for professional modeling careers. They're not public people. They're posing naked for a fling and for a life experience. They're fulfilling a fantasy.

Elaina's not a dancer, a nudist, a swinger, or even a bathroom mirror model posting smartphone photos on a social network site for kicks. She is an Army veteran who was brought up as a nice, Catholic girl by a strict family.

Her husband, also an Army vet, is a SCORELAND subscriber. He inspired Elaina to pose.

"He began to realize that I enjoyed having my picture taken in the bedroom, so he told me that I could have fun and make good money by coming to pose for you guys," Elaina told us. "He told me that maybe I should check you guys out online, and I did. I liked what I saw and then I called you. I figured that it might be nice to get away from being a housewife for a few… Read More »
Featuring: Elaina Gregory
Date: April 2nd, 2024
Duration: 10:26

Member Comments

so thick , phat and fine.

Oh Elaina, How i dream about fucking you.

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