Elaina Gregory's incredible tight-titty-top tryouts

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Elaina Gregory's incredible tight-titty-top tryouts

Elaina Gregory found us because her husband encouraged her to model for his favorite magazine, Voluptuous, and favorite site, SCORELAND. Like many horny guys married to sexy women, he took photos and videos of her at home.

"My husband began to realize that I enjoyed having my picture taken in the bedroom, so he told me that I could have fun and make good money by coming to pose for you guys," Elaina told us. "He told me that maybe I should check you guys out online, and I did. I liked what I saw and I called you. I figured that it might be nice to get away from being a housewife for a few days and come here to shoot. And I was right. It is a lot of fun!"

Elaina modeled on a lark, not as a full-time lifestyle, but she made a very deep impression on the Boob Brotherhood.

This video is a time-honored example of big-tit action. It features the very busty girl trying on tight outfits before getting totally nude in bed to play with her boobs and pussy. This will never get old.

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Featuring: Elaina Gregory
Date: November 18th, 2021
Duration: 17:31

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