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Office hottie alert

Featuring: Elle Flynn
Duration: 14:55
When this Elle Flynn phone sex solo was originally released, I wrote, "Okay, which one of you boob-hounds telephoned SCORELAND and actually managed to reach Elle Flynn as she was preparing for this office photo shoot? We had a video camera rolling at the time right there and caught the whole episode. You managed to get Elle all wet and horny just by talking dirty to her on the phone." The fantasy here is that Elle picks up the phone at her office and gets a dirty call. Elle gives the dirty talk right back to him while playing with her big, natural tits and smacking her pussy. Phone sex or cam sex is a hot way to do a solo scene (you can imagine yourself on the phone or on-cam with her) and much better than a girl just silently playing with her boobs and pussy. It's the kind of thing those professional cam girls and phone sex operators do for four bucks a minute. Yes, there are still phone sex girls in business. Elle really has a knack for showing off her voluptuous body and is a very sexy girl. She took to naked action and porn immediately, like she'd been practicing at home in front of a mirror for a long time. She probably makes videos at home. Elle is a bartender and cocktail server.

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