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Kitchen rack

In this scene, we get to see what a huge-boobed babe like HH-cup natural Emilia Boshe does in the kitchen. Elliot described this scene as follows:

"With each big boob hanging free and easy, Emilia sprinkles sugar on her left breast and licks it off. Then she repeats. Washing the sweet stuff off in the kitchen sink, Emilia dries off her mammary mountains and places her right boob on the digital scale. It weighs a little over four pounds. She puts both tits on the scale, totally covering it. In fact, her tits overflow the scale. We think she broke it because it starts beeping loudly. Emilia continues her hands-on exploration, then removes her panties and rubs her clit with one hand while the other keeps busy on one tit."

Emilia is a spectacular girl. When we first met her in 2012, she came across as very shy, but two years later, she was back in our studio in Europe and fucking porn studs on-camera. Her tits are truly natural wonders. They're so big and full. They look so heavy. A… Read More »
Featuring: Emilia Boshe
Duration: 20:47

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