Eva Notty's First Fuck...But Not Her Last!

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Eva Notty's First Fuck...But Not Her Last!

When test shots of Eva Notty came across my desk, my first thought was, "Where have I seen this girl before?" I got my answer when the editor of Naughty Neighbors passed by my desk and said, "Hey, that's Suzy. She was in Neighbors."

Turns out Suzy was a girl from Tucson, Arizona with nice tits. Suzy is Eva Notty, a girl from Tucson, Arizona with great F-cup tits. She would go on to win Model of the Year.

What we didn't know was that when you have Eva, you need to hold onto her with both hands. Eva loves traveling the world--she'll go anywhere on a moment's notice--and she drops in and out of sight. And when she drops out of sight, finding her and getting her back is never easy. More than a year and a half would pass until her next visit to our studio, then another 14 months, then another year and a half. And each time she comes in, we shoot her as if it's going to be the last time.

You see, Eva is a gambler (she'll gamble on anything), and gambling on when we're going… Read More »

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Featuring: Eva Notty and Levi Cash
Date: March 23rd, 2023
Duration: 25:03

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