Tits & tugs & tongue

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Tits & tugs & tongue

Many girls who won't do a full-sex video will do a tits and tugs. It's a way of easing into full sexual contact-maybe-at a later date. Our belief is that it's better to at least get to second base than to totally strike out. Just like in everyday life. Possibly later on, the girl will ease her way up to complete hardcore scenes. Sometimes it happens, as it did with Maggie Green; sometimes it doesn't, as it didn't with Karina Hart, Elaina Gregory and Valory Irene. This is why I try to tell readers to slow down and let the girls breathe instead of making demands that they do hardcore right away. Patience can yield rewards to those who wait.

But if the girl is a porn star like ultra-sexy Eva Notty, she'll do a tits, tugs and tongue by throwing in a blow job with her hand job and tit-fuck. In this video, there's also some face-fucking action with Eva on her back getting her throat filled by the long rod of Mr. Juan Largo. This tits and tugs was shot long after Eva did her very first… Read More »
Featuring: Eva Notty and Juan Largo
Date: April 28th, 2024
Duration: 16:03

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