The Goldie rush

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The Goldie rush

"I can hardly wait to fuck that huge cock!"

"Suck on my fucking tits!"

"Fuck that fucking pussy, motherfuck...!"

"Get your fucking dick in me, c'mon!"

"Harder, motherfucker!"

Sounds like Saturday night at a wild west whorehouse? Not at all. These comments are just a small selection of the mellifluous meanderings and sensual sounds of the beautiful Goldie Ray as she and a dude named Al B. made sweet, sweet, sweet love.

Al was just as startled as I was upon hearing this torrent of filth pouring out of Goldie's perfectly shaped mouth as he pronged her pussy, but since he was the one on-camera poking her and not me, he had to play the cool stud.

Goldie remains one of the wildest and raunchiest fucks in SCORE history, and what a dirty, filthy mouth she has. She's adorable. I love Goldie.

Goldie emailed and sent in some photos per the easy instructions. She was brand new and hadn't modeled anywhere we knew of. Little did we know what a female fireball… Read More »
Featuring: Goldie Ray and Al B
Date: May 8th, 2024
Duration: 26:39

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