Former teacher, now the greatest self-sucker ever

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Former teacher, now the greatest self-sucker ever

You know what gets me excited? Knowing that Gya Roberts used to be a school teacher. It boggles the mind. How does a girl go from teaching kids in some public school to self-sucking her big naturals in a way that no girl in the history of big boobs has ever self-sucked her tits? How does that transition happen?

I once wrote, "With Gya, self-sucking her nipples seems to be an obsession, not a part of the sex act but the act itself. It's something she relishes, something she can't stop doing. I've never seen a girl self-suck her nipples so lustily and so often. This girl cannot keep her nipples out of her mouth."

And Gya said, "I like it when men stare at me, so I am always in small tops that are very low-cut in the front and show off my boobs. I like to wear mini-skirts and small dresses that show my waist and my tits. I like to be looked at. When I shop, I like to go into stores that do not carry my size and then try on smaller sizes. I love when the women at the store tell me that… Read More »

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Featuring: Gya
Date: November 20th, 2023
Duration: 24:31

Member Comments

She can teach me day and night. Amazing

Now that's a woman.

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