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Bikini Star

"I like to see a man losing his mind over me," Helen Star said.

Helen's an expert at detecting that a guy is going crazy when he sees her. She can't see the reactions of the thousands of people like you who see her videos and photos, but she knows the effect she's having.

I can imagine how great a girlfriend she would be.

"I like to dress sexy, but no matter what I wear, my boobs show," Helen said. "That's okay because I like a lot of attention." And Helen gets plenty of it. She's one in a million, like her little sister Erin.

Helen talked about being a model with The SCORE Group.

"It started as a joke. I wanted to see how it was, and I ended up loving it. The whole process is so much fun. What girl doesn't like to be pampered? I get my hair done, makeup, nails, and then the photographer helps me to find the best positions to get the best results. I love what I do, and you guys have the best team to work with." Read More »

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Featuring: Helen Star
Date: September 22nd, 2021
Duration: 14:57

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