Lipstick Nipples

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Lipstick Nipples

Helen Star from On Location North Coast paints her lips a bright red so she can give her nipples a lipstick kiss. A lipstick kiss leaves a circle around a girl's nipple.

Helen is one of those ever-smiling girls who's naturally hot. She doesn't need to play Miss Diva like many models. She's naturally friendly and warm, true girlfriend material.

"Normally, I am the shy one," Helen said about her relationship with her model sister Erin. Both girls are webcam models. "I don't really like going out much. I like to stay at home and relax. But I am the bigger flirt."

Like most close sisters, the Star girls are telepathic.

"I am a year older than Erin. I was the only busty girl in school and this was a problem because everyone was always looking at me and all the girls were envious of me. Most people don't believe we are sisters because we are so different. I have dark hair and Erin has light hair. I think our faces are different, too. The only thing that's similar is our boobs!" Read More »

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Featuring: Helen Star
Date: May 23rd, 2022
Duration: 20:14

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