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Bowled over by Hitomi

Featuring: Hitomi
Date: February 20th, 2019
Duration: 15:14
I like sports and game-playing settings for shoots. Billiard tables add a nice touch. Big gym balls are great for bouncing videos. This bowling center scene in Prague, Czech Republic with the great Hitomi was right up my alley. The one thing the photographer forgot to do was film our Japanese crush actually bowling a ball or two from behind and from the front before she began stripping. When she's not being Hitomi, world-famous super idol and big-boobed porn star, Hitomi is like any other healthy girl in any country. Her phone is a permanent accessory, and she's devoted to her little dog, Chacha. "Some people tell me I am the only one they have ever seen with my kind of looks," said Hitomi, a completely unique, very special girl. "And some others say, 'I have never seen such a sexy body.' I imagine that people out of Japan would be surprised by me because they think an Asian girl's breasts tend to be small. I think it's a very important thing to be special, to be the only one.

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