Holly Wood: Sweater Stretcher

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Holly Wood: Sweater Stretcher

"They're pretty much double the size they were before," Holly Wood said. "I wanted to go bigger. Bigger is better. I wanted them nice, big, round, perky, slutty, big tits. I got my wish!

"Now, people are openly gawking because I can't hide them. There's literally no hiding them. There's no number of sweaters, there's no number of jackets that can hide them, so people are shocked. To me, they're not that big, but the reaction, just walking down the street or going to the grocery store or even at the doctor's office, the nurse freaked out.

"With me, every sweater is a tight sweater. Like I said, my tits are Ms for massive! People have to see me for themselves to understand. I cannot hide these tits no matter what I put on, and the wardrobe change I've had to go through is crazy. I like how outfits look on me. I like how shirts and dresses fit me, the amount of cleavage that I have, the side-boob, the under-boob. I can't pick just one." Read More »
Featuring: Holly Wood
Date: April 13th, 2024
Duration: 27:41

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