Isa Gomez Takes Over

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Isa Gomez Takes Over

Isa Gomez (pronounced E-Sa) has sensational natural breasts. She's a smiler and loves to model. Here's a girl who's making the most of her body and tits.

"Here in Colombia, it is difficult for me to buy bras," Isa said. "I was born in Venezuela but I live in Colombia."

It seems to me that Colombia and Venezuela are fertile territories for girls who need extra-large bras.

"I buy regular bras off the rack. I don't require special ones, but they are hard to find in my size. I need to have a lot of support because my breasts are so heavy.

"I go online and model for videos and photos, but in person, I can be shy at times and, honestly, I don't socialize much. I dress conservatively in public." Read More »
Featuring: Isa Gomez
Date: February 17th, 2024
Duration: 26:32

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