Czeching out Ivy's rack

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Czeching out Ivy's rack

Ivy Darmon is an intense fan of The Doors and Jim Morrison. Why that is, I couldn't tell ya. But she loves that classic '60s American rock group.

"I like a lot of American music: rap, hip-hop and some rock," Ivy said. "I think Fergie is a true star. If she had not become a singer, she would have been a wonderful model. I can tell by the way she moves her body."

Ivy doesn't do hardcore fucking on-camera, unlike most easy-riding Czech models. She has a gorgeous face. Most of the time, I find myself staring at her face instead of her fantastic body. What I and the photographer who's shot her don't understand is why Ivy doesn't inspire the kind of fervid interest that other girls do. She really does have everything a man could want in a woman. The photographer told me that she was a dream to shoot even though she doesn't have a great command of English and he knows no Czech. She knows basic English, enough to get by.

I don't think Ivy will ever become a major superstar like Karina Hart… Read More »
Featuring: Ivy Darmon
Date: May 8th, 2023
Duration: 14:59

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