The magic of Ivy Darmon

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The magic of Ivy Darmon

I used to watch Czech films made in the '60s and was always impressed by the beautiful, chesty actresses in them. At the time, the country was under the whip of the Soviet Union, so any kind of nudity and sexual expression was severely repressed.

Then the Soviets lost their whip and their empire disintegrated. This tiny nation, one-half of Czechoslovakia until 1993, has since given the world some of the hottest big-boob stars, beginning with a girl named Zuzanna in the late '90s. Now the Czech Republic is a world leader in busty models as well as producing some of the best beer.

Ivy Darmon has a gorgeous face and a gorgeous, perfect body. She has big boobs: large and perfect natural breasts. Ivy debuted in December 2009 V-mag and then in March 2010 SCORE. Overall, the Czech brunette's pictorials were published in a total of six TSG magazines: four SCOREs and two V-mags.

Ivy is very well-educated and speaks Czech, German, Slovakian and English. Besides her above-average physical… Read More »
Featuring: Ivy Darmon
Date: January 27th, 2024
Duration: 14:43

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