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There's a fire burning in Jada's asshole

"I've got a fire in my pussy and a fire in my ass, and the only way to put out the fire is by sticking a hard cock in either one of my holes," black 'n' stacked Jada Fire once said.

Yes, she actually said that. I'm often surprised by the stuff that comes out of porn stars' mouths, but I really shouldn't be. As Elliot always says, these are women with turbo-charged sex drives, so it shouldn't be surprising when they express themselves in this manner.

By the way, in this scene, big-cocked Johnny Rod shoves his rod in Jada's pussy and asshole, and that still doesn't put out her fire.

Jada said, "Of course, to get the cock hard, I have to suck it first, and sometimes I get carried away. You see, I love cum, so I love to swallow, and sometimes I have to remind myself that I need the cock to fuck, not just suck."

Of course, a girl can't spend every minute fucking.

She can't?

When Jada isn't modeling or making fuck videos, she loves to chill out at home and watch TV. She considers… Read More »
Featuring: Jada Fire and J.T.
Duration: 29:51

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