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How to take a shower, by Janne Hollan

Featuring: Janne Hollan
Date: March 13th, 2019
Duration: 13:16
During my formative years, I must have seen a shitload of teen sex comedies at the drive-ins and local movie theaters and on home video. Porky's, School Spirit, Fast Times At Ridgemont High, Tomboy, Private School (Remember that beautiful brunette Betsy Russell? She must have made over 10 of them, and she's still hot-looking today.), Weird Science and many more movies, probably well over 70 or 80. We went for the bikinis, the wet T-shirts, the booty shorts, the flash of tits and the horny shower scenes that were woven into the molecular structure of these great movies. What happened to this category? Now kids get crap like Glee and The Hunger Games. I pity them. Which brings me to Janne Hollan, a girl who has bigger tits than any hottie in any teen sex comedy ever made since the 1970s. Back in 1982, I thought that Heather Thomas in Zapped! had big tits. My point is that nothing beats a nice, soapy shower to get a girl and her huge tits all breastfully clean. Checking herself out in the mirror first, Janne gives her huge, natural hooters a few squeezes, caresses her many inches of soft, creamy boob-flesh and sinks her fingers into her velvety fuck pillows. Janne strips off her clothes and enters the tub, preparing to wet and soap her curvy and plush bod.

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December 10, 2016
wshe can take a shower with me anytime!

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