Big Boob videos » Reader's wife's first time...and it's an ass-fucking!

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Reader's wife's first time...and it's an ass-fucking!

Featuring: Jayden Prescott and John Strange
Date: June 15th, 2017
Duration: 23:59
"I've got the greatest husband," reader's wife Jayden Prescott said. "He lets me do what I want, like being here." Mr. Prescott encouraged his cute, blonde, stacked wife to send her photos to SCORE, and we jumped at the opportunity to photograph her. The stud who's with her in this scene jumped at the opportunity to fuck her mouth and pussy. And her ass, too! Yep, in her first hardcore scene ever, Jayden got fucked in her tight little ass! And it's not as if she gets around when she's not in our studio. Loose she ain't. "My husband was the second man I ever had sex with," she revealed. "The guy I'm with here will be the third guy I've ever fucked." "Fucked." Emphasis on the word "fucked." "Oral sex, I had my share in college and high school when I was still trying to be a good girl. Yes, there've been a few more guys I've given blow jobs to," she said. "I didn't have sex for the first time until I was 20.

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