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Hello, kitty!

Jenna Valentine, a girl-next-door with H-cup naturals, is one of the friendliest and nicest girls you'd ever want to meet. I always look forward to Jenna's visits to our studio because she's a lot of fun to talk to. And, on top of that, she loves big tits as much as you or I do.

SCORELAND: Which was your favorite shoot since you began modeling at SCORELAND?

Jenna: I had a lot of fun in Mexico. This shoot is really fun because I'm happier with my body. I think I look better. Mexico was really fun. Mexico had a cat room. They went in and out of the house, and I was just obsessed. I just sat in front of the cat room. They also had a room of dogs. I had so many new friends! I would stare at them all day. I love cats.

SCORELAND: You have cats.

Jenna: I have two. I want two more.

SCORELAND: What are their names?

Jenna: I have Harlow, who's a little black cat, and I adopted a cat a year and a half ago named Adam who's an obese tuxedo cat with half a tail, and he has too many… Read More »
Featuring: Jenna Valentine
Date: May 30th, 2022
Duration: 10:57

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