Jordan Fuk Doll

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Jordan Fuk Doll

"I want to be the girl in your wank bank," Jordan Pryce said. Here's a girl who is proud of being a fuck doll, as her Twitter handle, Jordan Fuk Doll, reads. Jordan doesn't go for subtlety. She's an out and out bimbo slut with big, fake tits and a doll-like voice, always moaning and purring. She has a heart-shaped tattoo over her cunt, so she does appreciate romance.

"I will spit cum on my boobs, but I will swallow the cum, too," she said. "I also love when a man cums on my boobs. I will rub it in, and sometimes I will take the cum from my boobs to my mouth and swallow it."

Jordan lives in London and does her thing for SCORE in the Czech Republic.

"I love sexy, tight, little clothes and outfits that show off my big boobs to the maximum. I always dress to show off my boobs. I wear little skirts to show off my legs and high heels, too, but everywhere I go, the men and women look at my boobs. The women point at them, and the men always look at my boobs, not at my face."

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Featuring: Jordan Pryce
Date: May 26th, 2021
Duration: 21:44

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Want to fuck Jordan's asshole!!

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