Knocked up and fucked

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Knocked up and fucked

Eight-months pregnant. That's what Czech beauty Katarina Dubrova was when she sucked and fucked cock in this scene. She has since given birth--mommy and baby are both doing very well--but the idea of a girl as beautiful and sexy and innocent-looking as Katarina doing the dirty on-camera while so knocked up is just about the hottest thing I can imagine.

Here's an excerpt from Elliot's description of this scene from when it appeared at SCORELAND: "Katarina takes her swollen boobs out of her dress. They need sucking. David obliges, licking and kissing them. Katarina pinches her nipples, and a bit of milk comes out that she rubs into her dark areolae.

"Katarina squeezes David's junk, and the touch of her soft hand naturally produces wood. She takes his cock out and rubs it against her nipple. She squeezes her nipple and rubs the leaking juice on the head of his cock then lifts it to her lips."

The scene could've ended right there and a lot of us would've been satisfied. But no. It… Read More »
Featuring: Katarina Dubrova and David
Date: January 10th, 2023
Duration: 22:01

Member Comments

8 months ago 

Katarina is wonderful and Sexy! Great Preg fucking

Wow what a great scene!!! More of Czech beauty Katarina Dubrova please doing HC!!!!

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