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Kat loves cream

Featuring: Katarina Dubrova
Date: March 19th, 2018
Duration: 24:35
Katarina Dubrova was very pregnant but still eager to get in front of the cameras. She was extra-horny, naturally, the hormones having kicked into high gear. This was a real mommy scene, and I pointed that out when it was posted at SCORELAND. "Kat is dressed like she's preparing to become a house mom. She unbuttons her dress and pulls her large, pregnancy-bloated boobs out of her supportive bra. Taking a breast in her hands, she squeezes it. A few droplets of pre-natal breast milk (called colostrum) leak out. Kat takes a can of whipped cream and sprays her nipples." Katarina got increasingly hotter during this video, pleasuring her pussy with a toy. She fucked her baby daddy in subsequent scenes. Katarina has settled down to mommyhood and pushes a stroller these days, but this girl is going to be the hot chick for years to come.

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