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Party Girl

When it comes to girls who personify the SCORE Girl, British bra-buster Katie Thornton is in the top 10. When I say personify, I mean just the girl. Her face, her body, how she relates to the camera and her effect on guys, not what she does on-camera. Forget the hardcore porn, the girl-girls, the masturbation and all that. There's a reason Katie's been on four SCORE magazine covers. She's got the look.

Katie won SCORE Newcomer of the Year for 2015. She was the second Brit to win the award. Lily Madison won the previous year. Katie then parlayed that award into winning 2016 Model of the Year, dethroning prior winner Hitomi.

Being on the cover of SCORE on magazine racks around the world got Katie out there big time. The Manchester girl was a teen when she became a model. She sent her photos to an agency, and they got her modeling gigs just two days after her 18th birthday.

There was one thing about Katie I would never have guessed in one thousand attempts: She likes to get tied-up,… Read More »
Featuring: Katie Thornton
Date: March 10th, 2022
Duration: 16:18

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