They grow 'em big on the farm

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They grow 'em big on the farm

At the start of this video, Kaytee Carter says, "I'm from San Diego, California. I'm here at SCORE to show off my body, and I've never done this before so I'm a little bit nervous, so bear with me here."

I don't know about you, but I'm willing to "bear with" a girl a lot more if she's as beautiful as Kaytee and has such big, natural tits. Kaytee went solo only when she first visited the SCORE Studio in October 2009, got a lot hotter several months later when she did a hot girl-girl with Destiny Rose in the movie More To Fuck and then very spontaneously did her first boy-girl, a photo-only set (with the guy who pointed her in our direction).

Kaytee grew up on a farm in Oregon. Her father was a hops farmer. But not having a female adult figure around did have its drawbacks.

"I love my boobs," Kaytee said. "I think they're my best feature, but growing up, they were always a hassle, like whenever I went horse riding. It was very difficult growing up because I was just with my father,… Read More »
Featuring: Kaytee Carter
Date: September 16th, 2020
Duration: 21:34

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