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I remember this scene. In fact, I remember all of Kelly Christiansen's scenes when I think about Kelly and if she'll ever return. I remember the first day she arrived at the studio and all of the editors going inside to meet her, like reporters meeting a movie star.

"I need a big cock," Kelly says in her silky voice. She looks at the camera while she runs her hands over her big tits. "Let me play with your big cock." Kelly liked to say the word cock. She seemed to like how it sounded rolling off her tongue. It was a perfect way to start the scene. Johnny Champ was off to the side, watching Kelly and listening to her do her cock rap. When he joined her, she wrapped her boobs around his dick.

"Rub my tits all over your body, rub them all over your cock," she said. "Yummy. I want you to watch me take a big cock. I want to play with it and I want to do all sorts of naughty things with it. And I'll pretend that it's you."

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Date: February 1st, 2022
Duration: 37:13

Member Comments

1 year ago 

Amazing tits and body. Love her sucking that big dick and then riding it with her tan melons bouncing

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