The real street hookers of Miami, Florida

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The real street hookers of Miami, Florida

This scene was shot in a warehouse district near downtown Miami, just off of Biscayne Boulevard, the main drag in town. The problem with shooting a hooker scene in this area was that actual hookers trolled its streets on a regular basis, and we didn't want some guy who was cruising for real hookers to interrupt and proposition our video hookers: Veronica Rayne, Whitney Stevens and Candace Von.

Unfortunately, that did happen, which might prompt you to say, "Great. That must have added more realism to the scene." No. Not great. Let's see you try to get some guy who's cruising for hookers consent to having his mug shown on video. Let's see you get a guy to sign a model release (which he'd have to for us to use the footage) when he's probably scared out of his mind because he thinks he's about to get busted by the cops.

The thing is, you take three girls like Veronica, Whitney and Candace, dress them up like hookers and put them on the streets of a downtown warehouse district and that's… Read More »
Date: February 26th, 2024
Duration: 28:21

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