Contessa Rose in Boob Science

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Contessa Rose in Boob Science

"I like as much sex as I can get," said Contessa Rose, a dancer from Georgia. "Usually two to six times a week is good for me. I like going from soft and sensual to hot and heavy all in one session. I'm in no rush to finish. The more orgasms, the better."

But in 2009, Contessa was new to fucking on-camera.

"I've been doing fetish and erotic nudes for two years, but I just took my first plunge into mainstream nude modeling and hardcore," she said. "I fantasize about so many things, like being an exotic dancer or fucking total strangers. Becoming a porn star was another fantasy. I was nervous doing my first porn video. I felt this strange mix of excitement and fear but it felt good, like an adrenaline rush. Now I'm ready for more, and I know I can handle it!"

This scene wasn't Contessa's first time fucking on-camera. It was her second. The first had happened a day earlier. But this scene was special because it was for the feature film Boob Science. In Boob Science, two total losers… Read More »
Date: June 21st, 2024
Duration: 19:51

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