Lila's busty book club

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Lila's busty book club

"My breasts are heavy," said Lila Payne from Melbourne, Australia. "They weigh six kilos [13 pounds] total. People ask me a lot if I have back pain, but I don't. I'm a strong girl."

She'd better be strong to carry around those rockets. They're natural JJ-cups, big enough to strain and destroy any bra.

In this scene, beautiful, dark-haired Lila is wearing black, lace-up boots, stockings and a tight top that shows plenty of cleavage. She's reading a book and touching herself while doing so. She's also wearing glasses, a nice touch for those of us who like nerdy girls. Before long, she puts down the book and gets her tits out. Then she fucks her pussy with a dildo and cums loud and hard.

"I love people who are really animated," Lila said. "Sometimes I'm sucking his cock and sliding my boobs all over his body and I'm really getting into it and I look up and he's just lying there, not making any noises or expressions, and I'll say, 'Are you okay?' And he'll say, 'I'm having the time of… Read More »
Featuring: Lila Payne
Date: March 2nd, 2022
Duration: 17:33

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