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An apple a day

Green apples floating in a bathtub? That puzzled me, too. However, when a good-looking girl has the right kind of big boobs and body, it could be a bathtub full of watermelons she gets into for all I care, as long as the view of her tits and bits isn't blocked.

I checked into this apple business and, according to scentologists, the smell of green apples reduces headaches and feelings of stress in women. I'm not claiming that's the reason for Lola bathing in a tub of green apples. But the vibrator that Lola uses can definitely reduce female stress.

Lola smiles in almost all of her photos, which gets a gold star from me. No serious looks and blank stares. She looks like she is having fun, and that's what it's all about.

"I am like many Czech girls of my generation," Lola told the photo staff. "We like to have fun, party, meet guys and spend time with friends. We go to school, we have jobs to pay the bills and on the weekends, we go out to the clubs and burn off our energy."
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Featuring: Lola
Date: May 26th, 2024
Duration: 15:34

Member Comments

I loved her pictorials and I'm glad to finally see her videos. I'm sure she'd be great in a hard core video. Man, she gets me super hard.

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