Giant boobs of Switzerland

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Giant boobs of Switzerland

Marissa Kert lives in Switzerland. We rarely find models from the land of Swiss banks. She was discovered by one of our model finders in Europe. The last model we had from Switzerland, a nurse named Sofie, featured over 20 years ago, and she wasn't even Swiss. She was an Italian who lived in Switzerland. Marissa is a rarity, especially since she has huge breasts.

Marissa is a professional domina. She travels around Europe doing her mistress thing. Now, as a devout coward, I am not into the fetish and BDSM scene at all, not even watching the videos. I just don't get that world or why guys like to be punished and disciplined for sexual kicks. I mean, it sounds like marriage. I once went to a dungeon with a girlfriend and watched what the men and women were doing. It was boring, although it seemed like a good way to meet bossy chicks (as well as submissive girls, too). But then the bossy ones would want money to be bossy, so forget it. Anyway, Marissa must do pretty well for herself in… Read More »
Featuring: Marissa Kert
Date: March 8th, 2021
Duration: 19:15

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