Maserati's high-performance headlights

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Maserati's high-performance headlights

In this photo set and video, Maserati's naturals look absolutely gigantic.

Wait, did I just say that? Maserati's 36K-cups always look gigantic. They're huge and firm and dominate her chest. Maserati is a beautiful woman, but when she enters a room, it's tits first.

Here, Maserati has put on a bit of weight and it has all gone to her chest. The thing is, Maserati's boob gain seems exponential. You know how a 7.0 earthquake isn't just one more than a 6.0 earthquake, it's twice as severe? Well, I think that when Maserati gains a pound, her boobs gain two, and so on.

"I have big boobs and a small waist," Maserati said. She was a double-D in ninth grade, and when she left high school, she was a triple-D.

"They just kept growing," she said, and that's why she always wears a bra. When a girl has boobs as heavy as Maserati's, a bra is a necessity.

This reminds me of something the great Voluptuous model Cherry Brady always said about how it doesn't matter how big a girl's tits are, if she… Read More »
Featuring: Maserati
Date: June 2nd, 2020
Duration: 14:52

Member Comments

Wow Maserati is the best by far mmmm!

Fuck, Maserati makes my balls boil! She has an incredible figure, amazing breasts, and her skin is absolutely flawlessly smooth. I could spend all night just caressing that skin.

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