Maserati meets JMac

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Maserati meets JMac

When Maserati arrived on the scene, we predicted that she would become a superstar, not only in big-boob modeling but in mainstream porn, too. That prediction has come true. She's became a big draw for the public at adult expos. Part of the reason for that is her incredible body, which is unlike any I've ever seen, but part of it is that she's as friendly and personable as you can imagine. This was the girl who happily sang "Santa Baby" on SCOREtv, and she didn't just mail in her performance. She tried hard. She cared. She practiced.

Maserati doesn't have to practice how to model. Her body speaks for itself. Her tits are some of the biggest, firmest, heaviest naturals ever. Tits as large as Maserati's tend to be a bit more on the floppy side, just because of the whole weight/gravity thing, but not Maserati's. Tits-wise, I think the only girl who compares to her in the history of big boobs is the great Linsey Dawn McKenzie, and that's high praise.

Here, Maserati fucks J-Mac. JMac… Read More »
Featuring: Maserati and J Mac
Date: May 18th, 2021
Duration: 20:54

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