Sweater shredder

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Sweater shredder

Melissa Manning was more shocked than anyone to learn that her natural tits had gone up a cup size to 36H from their previous 34G. I wasn't surprised because I could tell just by looking at her that she'd gotten bustier. Melissa had gone from stacked to super-stacked, and her old bras just weren't working.

"No way!" Melissa said when we told her the good news.

Former V-mag editor Maria, who had the honor of doing the measuring, explained, "Most of the time when I speak to models about their bras, they tell me that they don't even know what size they are anymore. The task of buying bras that fit is so arduous that they just find whatever fits and that's that. Melissa is one of those gals. She has to eyeball bras and sort of figure out if they are going to fit because she hasn't had a proper bra measuring since she was 15. She thought she was a 34G, but her tits definitely grew since she was here last, so I decided to tackle the problem with science."

Meaning a measuring tape.

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Featuring: Melissa Manning
Date: October 20th, 2022
Duration: 15:43

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