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Mia Khalifa: From burger joint hostess to XXX schoolgirl

Featuring: Mia Khalifa and Tony Rubino
Date: February 21st, 2018
Duration: 23:39
Dressed up as a student, Mia Khalifa, whom I'm proud to say I discovered, deep-throats and fucks Tony's cock. Lucky guy. This was Mia's second fuck scene ever and was shot before she gained so much publicity and, in some cases, notoriety, although in my opinion, that word doesn't fit. Everything Mia did was good, and the things she did with us, like this scene, were great because she was new and fresh to the scene. By now, you know the story. Mia, who's of Lebanese descent, became an Internet sensation, pilloried by people in Lebanon and disowned by her parents. Her story was told in mainstream magazines and newspapers, and for a while, she was the No. 1 porn star in the world. But as quickly as she got into porn, that's as quickly as she got out. Yet, her fame has not lessened.

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