The Successor to Sammie Black also Has Bang-em Style

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The Successor to Sammie Black also Has Bang-em Style

If you were a SCORE and Voluptuous reader in the late 1990s (or were one of the hundred or so on SCORE's Boob Cruise in 1998), you probably still remember the incredibly chesty Sammie Black. A black Brit, slim-and-stacked Sammie has huge, natural tits that could be delightly described as skullcrushers. Sammie dropped out of sight in the '000s and hasn't been heard from since.

When I first met Mianna, she had the same kind of effect I felt when I saw Sammie. Mianna has a 13-inch difference between her 46-inch bust measurement and her rib cage! Mianna's 38JJ-cup bras must be made out of some alien fabric. It's a miracle that the weight of her 34JJ-cup hooters don't wear them out in a matter of weeks.

"I love my tits," Mianna said. "I'm very proud of them. The thing about having them is all the attention."

Attention is what Mianna gets when she's walking around in Las Vegas, her home. Now if you've ever been to Las Vegas, you know that countless thousands of women, either locals or… Read More »
Featuring: Mianna Thomas and Seth Dickens
Date: September 11th, 2023
Duration: 22:08

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