The super-chesty girl-next-door

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The super-chesty girl-next-door

"I would wear a white, collared shirt that was buttoned all the way up to my neck and jeans. Or I wore very big sweaters. I would try and wear tight bras that pushed my breasts down so they wouldn't look so big when I wore tighter clothes. I tried to hide them so that I would look like everyone else."

That's what Micky Bells said in an interview. Micky admitted she was extremely shy when she was growing up. As she matured, her tits grew to mammoth dimensions. So she covered up to avoid attention.

"Suddenly in one year, I was an E-cup," she said. "It was a very fast change. It was very hard to get used to having big boobs all of a sudden and being so young."

Micky has relaxed a lot since then and is one of the premier tit-goddesses at Voluptuous. She was the covergirl of several XL Girls magazines. There are other girls like Micky but few are willing to take off their clothes and show their abundant assets. She's a 36J-cup now and her cleavage is 11… Read More »
Featuring: Micky Bells
Date: December 14th, 2023
Duration: 21:10

Member Comments

'I'm inlove with you Micky" sexiest slim busty body, huge saggy breasts, I very wish you Married me..oxo.

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