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Strawberries and nipples

Featuring: Micky Bells
Date: April 12th, 2018
Duration: 16:45
This scene was shot before Micky's dramatic 24-pound weight loss and tone-up and her subsequent pregnancy and return to a more-voluptuous body. As usual, there was controversy when Micky made the big unveiling at SCORELAND. The high ground: "Her new slim curves are beautiful. I really love her like this." The middle ground: "Way to go, Micky. I loved you as an XL Girl and will continue to love you as a SCORELAND Girl." The low ground: "I'm not a fan of weight loss. She looked better heavier." "I hope all the guys still like me, but I don't know," Micky said diplomatically and with heart. "Maybe there are some guys who liked me bigger, but I'm not worried. I know there will be others who will like me as I am now. Everything balances out, yes?" Micky really makes for a spectacular big-bust star across the board. In fact, this look is close to what Micky's body looked like when she started modeling on-cam.

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What Members are saying about this update...

May 06, 2018
When I saw you nurse a woman I was jealous but you redeemed in this one. I thought you were as exciting as Marlene Dietrich and more beautiful than Elke Sommer (Pink Panther). When you talk it's like music to a great film. That was amazing. Meine Duetche Blum
April 15, 2018
so so fine mickey you ring my bells

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