Micky Bells, pregnant and unbelievably stacked

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Micky Bells, pregnant and unbelievably stacked

What more can I say about this scene other than that the great Micky Bells, the Queen of Cleavage, one of the greatest naturals ever whether she's a V-Girl, an XL Girl or a SCORE Girl, is six-months pregnant. Her tits, always huge, are enormous here. Her areolae are dark. Always amazing, Micky is now...more amazing? Like I said, words fail.

Words did not fail Elliot. He wrote, "Six-months-pregnant Micky Bells is truly busting out! Even in her original SCORELAND and XL Girls shoots produced in Mexico, Jamaica and Prague, Micky's boobs were not this enormous. Even she is astounded by her breast growth. Micky's worn a 36J-cup bra and then a 36K-cup. Now she looks like an L or larger."

Micky is the answer to the trivia question, "Who is the only girl to be the main covergirl of Voluptuous, XL Girls and SCORE magazines?" Even appearing in all three magazines is a trifecta you don't see often, for obvious reasons. Some of the other girls who have been in all three mags are Renee Ross,… Read More »
Featuring: Micky Bells
Date: January 31st, 2022
Duration: 22:06

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